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How Do I add my before and after picture?

What if I don’t have a before and after picture for my homepage?

If you don’t have a before or after picture to use on your homepage or you haven’t completed your workout cycle and want to wait to put your before and after picture here are some options to consider: Video URL.  Like a P90X promo Video or any Beachbody promo. A generic fitness photo that you can find […]

How do I change or remove the BodyPress Sites logo from my recent posts?

Is the BodyPress Sites logo junking up your site? Sorry about that, just trying to get you going with a default image if you didn’t have one before =) So here is what you need to do: First off you are going to want to learn about Featured Images and how to add them to […]

How Do I add a video to my before and after section on my homepage banner?

Adding a video to your homepage banner is a great way to deliver an impactful message to your audience.  Videos are becoming a more effect and desirable way to get your message across while using very little space on your website.  It gives your audience a more content rich experience and builds more trust.