Dashboard Overview

What is BodyPress?

At BodyPress Sites the goal is simple; to create a website builder for Beachbody® coaches to maximize web results with the least amount of effort (isn’t that what everyone is looking for in life?!). These are the features you can look forward to with a BodyPress site: Hosting that is optimized for speed! Security and Site […]

What is the difference between a Category and a Tag?

There are two different ways to organize your posts, a category and a tag. So what is the difference between a category and a tag?  Well the truth is there is not much difference between a category or a tag when it comes to use case. It’s highly dependent on how you use and structure your […]

Adding HTML, Javascript or Code to your site

Sometimes users want to be able to add extra functionality to their site and more times then not that involves adding code. Code can be very dangerous to add to a site so we limit some of the things you post on your site. If you have added some code recently and noticed that it […]

How do I change my Facebook sharing thumbnail?

This video tutorial shows you how to change your Facebook sharing thumbnail.  Also it covers how to use Facebook’s debugger, so that when you update the shared content, Facebook will update the content and clear the cache so you can see the updated preview before posting.

How do I get a email address with my domain name?

BodyPress does not provide email as part of the hosting package. So what should you do about email for your domain name? You will need to choose a third party email provider. There are many email providers that allow you to use your domain with your email address but we recommend the 2 listed below. […]

How do I disable comments on a specific post or page?

Edit the Post or Page you would like to turn comments off Scroll down to a section called “Discussion” In this section you should see 2 check boxes, please make sure both are unchecked. Update the Post or Page

How do I create a login area to keep specific posts or pages private?

If you would like to keep post or pages private from the general public. Please follow the instruction below: Edit the post or page you would like to make private. Locate the publish box located in the upper right hand corner of the screen and edit the Visibility of the post or page. Next you […]