Selling Products

Coach ID And Buy Buttons

How do I add a PayPal Button to my site?

We do not allow the scripts from Paypal to be embedded into our widgets, pages and posts. However there is a way you can still use a Paypal button on your site. Below is an article on a work around for adding a Paypal button to your Bodypress website.

How do I add a banner or ad on my website?

To place an ad on your website you’ll want to use the widget section on your dashboard. This will place an ad to the right sidebar of your website on your homepage and other pages. Once logged in to your dashboard please visit Appearence —> Widgets

How can I find a BeachBody product item number?

If you need help finding a BeachBody product item #, you have come to the right place. When on the shop page on the Team BeachBody website,, all the products are listed. Within each product area or box there is some information, including the item #. Please reference the screenshot below to see exactly where […]