How do I get a email address with my domain name?

BodyPress does not provide email as part of the hosting package. So what should you do about email for your domain name?

You will need to choose a third party email provider. There are many email providers that allow you to use your domain with your email address but we recommend the 2 listed below.

At BodyPress we personally use the Google Apps service and we highly recommend it. This service allows you to use your domain name with your email service, AND it is powered by Google’s Gmail service. Google has created one of the world’s best email services on the internet, so we feel very strongly that this is a service every user should use – especially if you’re using email for your business. For additional information, please visit the Google Apps site here:

Many of our clients also use the Zoho Email service. Zoho offers some very competitive pricing vs Google Apps for business. You can review information on Zoho on their home page.